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Dr. Eyal Dujovny

Dr. Eyal Dujovny


Tour Guide Confidential is my attempt to showcase the Tour Guiding profession, learn best practices from my creative colleagues, while providing a behind-the-scenes look at the tourism industry. With a lifelong interest in other cultures and a passion for travel, it is perhaps not surprising that I received a PhD in Anthropology and ended up as a licensed tour guide in Israel. Guiding is a calling, and I am constantly inspired by my vocation because it brings together all of my disparate interests, provides me with the opportunity to teach, to be a “cultural broker” and to constantly re-experience familiar sights through the eyes of my guests.

My current journey began in 2014 when I started working as a Tour Operator – designing tours, tackling logistics and learning the ins and outs of this complex field. Since 2016, I am a licensed tour guide and have primarily specialized in educational tourism, while also working with pilgrims, cruise ship passengers, business people as well as private individuals and families.

Though I was born in Israel, I grew up in the United States from a young age. I have visited some sixty countries and even lived for extended periods in six of them. These days I keep busy discovering new places in Israel and planning future tours to India and Albania while happily ensconced along the shores of the deep blue Mediterranean Sea.

Our Goals and Vision

  • To showcase the tour guiding profession
  • To share best practices among tour guides
  • To foster professionalism among tour guides
  • To provide exposure for top-tier guides
  • To afford a behind-the-scenes look at the tourism industry
  • To serve as a forum to discuss guiding in all of its aspects 

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Because Tour Guides Tell the Best Stories ™

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