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Online Lecture

SAT, October 17, 2020

Hinduism and Judaism: Shared Roots, Different Branches? (Part 3)

In this third and final installment on the connections between India and Israel, we will explore their shared History and Geography. 

In this lecture, I will look at the surprising ways in which the Land of Israel and India have been in contact with one another since antiquity. We will explore ancient geography, the traditions surrounding Abraham and the sons that he sent to the East, the spice trade and temple worship in Jerusalem, Maritime Trade in the Indian ocean, Indian mercantile colonies in Egypt and Yemen, linguistic borrowings from Sanskrit in the Bible, the Periplus of the Erythraean Sea and Indian Ocean navigation, Alexander the Great’s invasion of India, gymnosophists, and much more!

When: Saturday, October 17 @ 3PM Eastern Time / 9 PM CET / 10 PM Israel Time

Cost: This is a Donation-based event (Suggested donation $12 USD)

Location: A link to Zoom will be provided upon purchase of a ticket


Online Lecture

Postponed – TBA

Hinduism and Judaism: Shared Roots, Different Branches? (Part 2)

In this second installment on the connection between Hinduism and Judaism, we will continue to explore the commonalities between these two ancient faiths. We will look at the defining rituals of both traditions and how they overlap as well as differ. In particular, we will explore how creation myths, Kabbalistic ideas, holidays and rituals overlap and surprisingly mirror each other.

When: Postponed – TBA

Cost: This is a Donation-based event (Suggested donation $12 USD)

Location: A link to Zoom will be provided upon purchase of a ticket


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Free Tour

Fri, August 21, 2020

India and Haifa in the Colonial Era

Come and enjoy a Free Tour (Donations Welcome) in English and learn about Haifa’s fascinating connections to India that date back to the colonial era. Dr Eyal Dujovny, scholar and resident of Haifa, spent over ten years living and researching in India and will lead a free tour that explores the capture of Haifa by Indian soldiers in World War I and the various surprising colonial-era connections between the land of Israel and India.


Online Lecture

Sun, August 16, 2020

Hinduism and Judaism: Shared Roots, Different Branches?

At first glance, it would seem undeniable that no two religions could be more opposed. Judaism, the mother of all monotheistic religions, is defined by its insistence on One (and only One) supreme deity, while Hinduism is typified by a dizzying array of deities. And yet, if one just scratches the surface, there are many unexpected commonalities, shared practices, and historical convergences between these two ancient faith traditions. In this lecture, we will examine the evidence and reflect upon these surprising similarities and what they might mean.

Virtual Tour

Sun, July 19, 2020

Virtual Tour of Haifa

Join Dr. Eyal for a virtual tour of his hometown of Haifa. Israel’s most dramatic and beautiful city. Located on the tip of the Carmel Mountain where it meets the sea, we will learn about Haifa’s origins and how it went from being a small town to Israel’s third largest city in a matter of only 30 years. Tickets will be sold on Eventbrite on a donation basis with a $1 minimum donation to attend.

Online Lecture

Sun, July 5, 2020

The Clover Leaf Map: The Key to Understanding Israel and the Middle East

The 1581 “Clover Leaf Map” Continues to Provide insights into the geopolitics of the Middle East over 400 years since it was first published. In this talk, we will discuss the genesis for this map, its geographic and ideological components, and what it tells us about the importance of Jerusalem.

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