Our guest, Michelle Levitz, is a tour guide based in Zichron Yaakov, Israel. Michelle shares her fascinating background, growing up in a multicultural home in New Jersey with a Yemeni-Israeli father and a mother from the United States. Her upbringing in an open and welcoming Orthodox Jewish community contributed to her passion for guiding and sharing different cultural perspectives with others. We discuss the challenges of leading multi-generational family groups and the importance of catering to the interests and needs of all participants – from grandparents to children. Michelle discusses her approach of blending educational content with hands-on, experiential activities has proven to be a successful formula for creating memorable experiences. Lastly, Michelle also discusses the value of tour guides in Israel, highlighting how they provide important context, narrative, and flexibility that allows travelers to connect with the spiritual and cultural significance of the country’s rich history and diverse communities. Michelle can be reached at mlevitz@gmail.com and her website is Michelle Levitz Tours.