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Ep 22: Anita Andziak – Virtual Tourism in the 21st Century

In this episode, I sat down with tour guide and Virtual Reality expert Anita Andziak to discuss the future of Virtual Tourism.

Ep 21: Aliza Bellehsen Avshalom – Guiding Paths and People in Israel

In this episode Aliza Bellehson Avshalom discusses her deep connection to the Land of Israel, to hiking its paths, and to showcasing the people of the Holy Land.

Ep 20: Yoni Shapira – Tourism: Turning Experiences into Memories

Yoni Shapira discusses the differences between incoming and domestic tourism and how this impacts tour guides.

Ep.19: Tamar Linchevsky – Guiding the Hero’s Journey

Tamar Linchevsky discusses the Hero’s Journey and its relationship to tour guiding.

Ep. 15: Rinat Blum – Think Global, Guide Local

Ep. 15: Rinat Blum – Think Global, Guide Local

My friend and colleague Rinat Bloom sat down with me for a wide-ranging talk in which we discussed her eclectic background, various experiences as a tour guide, her insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge, as well as our unbridled love for our adopted hometown of Haifa.

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